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Grow customer intimacy and revenue for your e-commerce store and business with SMS, whatsapp and messenger.

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Create Automated Campaigns

Now mobile first channels like SMS, whatsapp and FB messenger can run on auto-plot

  • Send messages seamlessly
  • Better Do-not-Disturb (DND) Management
  • Subscriber management
  • Send follow-up messages
  • Send personalized messages
  • Send drip messages (soon)
  • Integrate to popular CRM
remarket and nurture
Send Messages

Track and Measure Conversion

Now you can measure user journey from using mobile first channels like SMS, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger

  • Rich short-url
  • Per contact tracking
  • Deep tracking
  • Traffic attribution
  • Click through rate
  • Open rates
  • Measure conversion

Deliver the Right Message

Re-target subscribers with our targeting features, and deliver the right message to each subscriber based on their degree of interest and behaviour

  • Interest group ( tagging)
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Engage subscribers based triggers
remarket and nurture
Measure Conversion

Run Retention programs

Rich set of tools for you to increase life time value of your customers from running survey to full rewards program

  • Create surveys campaign
  • Run rewards program online & offline
  • Automate redemption
  • Get actionable data


Frequently Asked Questions

How does your support work?

Tracksend provides the following support services to our customers, Flexible support options – web, email, phone and chats, Support during standard business hours – Monday through Saturdays, 9AM–8PM WAT.

Is there a limit to the contacts i can add?

You can add more contacts beyond the existing plans, we can create a custom plan to accommodate your contact level. Talk to our sales team today and we will get you started.

What is the coverage for SMS?

We are currently active for Nigeria and Ghana network providers, in a few months we will add telcoms network providers in 100+ locations around the world.

How long does it take to resolve Do-Not-Disturb Policy?

This currenlty applies to Nigeria subscribers and we have made this process easy, update your business profile details, afterwards each senderID is verified after 20 working days.