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Top SMS marketing trends in 2020

With the rise of mobile usage, a new channel of communication has emerged from the ashes. Text messaging has grown to be a popular and effective marketing trend this year. SMS has a 70% more open rate than email and according to textedly, 9 out of 10 consumers prefer to text with businesses, and text messages are more likely to be read than emails with a 98% read rate.

Brands need new ways to communicate with their customers on a variety of channels, to win them over from competitions. As more companies adopt text messaging, you will need to keep your strategy fresh by capitalizing on the latest SMS marketing trends to boost your sales and conversions even through other channels in 2020.

  1. The power of the transactional message

    With progressively jumbled email inboxes, an ever-increasing number of customers will hope to get request refreshes through SMS. It is a moment and brief and furnishes them with simply the data they need. Over 70% of individuals will have a positive view of a brand that keeps them refreshed through content.

    All the more significantly, in the current business as usual, when requests are deferred, dispatching times are expanded and, unfortunately, some online stores are done working, request affirmations and updates are particularly esteemed. They give clients a significant serenity or advise them if there is a type of an issue – in any case, it’s imperative to give them this criticism.

    Other than their significance to clients, what makes conditional messages essential to you as a brand? Since they contain significant data for customers, their open rates and generally speaking commitment levels are a lot higher. This presents a significant opening for advertisers to streamline them and influence their capacity past only an educational instrument.

    One approach to do this is to make your conditional message sound the most un-automated as could reasonably be expected. What’s to come is in the possession of the individuals who realize how to make their innovation sound human to the farthest degree. A bit “Hello, Joanne, this is Gary from Your Store… ” could go far to build up a genuine connection with your clients and light up their day.

    Also, very much created value-based messages give organizations an into cross-or up-sell advancements for future requests while clients are as of now locked in.

  2. Branded short links

    Branded short links in SMS advertising is currently a best practice, as they’re known to build trust between your brand and your clients, just as increment the deliverability rate. They’re not in danger of being set apart as spam and the active clicking factor. Advertisers can make marked short links utilizing platforms like Tracksend URL Shortener, bitly and so on.

    Now, why go through several platforms to achieve one goal when it can be done through one? Well, Tracksend offers a unique URL shortener that allows you to have better and deep tracking, seeing where your traffic came from.

  3. More conversion in SMS marketing

    Perhaps the greatest pattern in SMS advertising is utilizing instant messages to drive deals and traffic to sites by sending joins in SMS. You can send a connection in the SMS requesting that your customer use it to benefit an arrangement or give you criticism.

    As indicated by report we referenced before, the reaction pace of SMS promoting is 209% higher when contrasted with Facebook, email and calls. Unmistakably, instant messages can assist brands with driving deals. Advertisers are taking a shot at making SMS content that cautiously puts the coupon codes, connections and CTAs to make the customer make a move.

    According to, 90% of SMS sent are perused inside 30 minutes. With high open rates and transformation rates, SMS can be your driving traffic source, in the event that you use it viably.

  4. Automated Marketing

    As the quantity of online organizations continues developing, customers are increasing more opportunities to move between brands. Also, with organizations “assaulting” a similar specialty, rivalry is extreme, prompting ever-expanding paces of relinquished trucks.

    In any case, you can’t generally prevent clients from beating, nor would you be able to dodge truck surrender. What you have the ability to do is attempt to recuperate deals and reactivate clients. Also, accomplish such a great deal more.

    To consistently keep steady over things, make a point to mechanize a portion of your content advertising in 2020. Welcome all new supporters with a delicious offer, praise them on their birthday celebrations, go to past clients with a sweet treat to win them back, score additional deals with post-buy bargains, and remember to consistently keep them insider savvy about their request in the event that they end up making a buy.

    Computerizing these instant messages will just give you more opportunity to improve the remainder of your SMS advertising, make it your solid suit, at the same time these robotizations do the hard work for you. As someone once said – work keen, not hard.

  5. Chatbot

    The AI-powered chatbots can adequately talk with clients through SMS – sending them moment answers, updates and noting FAQs.

    Chatbots utilize the most recent headways in innovation – like characteristic language handling and AI to gain from past information, gather more information and successfully comprehend that information to react to human inquiries in a characteristic manner. They save time and effort by automating parts of the customer experience and providing instant answers to common customer inquiries.

At Tracksend, we perceive the need of companies to use the intensity of this advertising channel and offer customized and personalized SMS marketing service, lead generation and FREE consultation to assist you with making the perfect decision at the perfect time. 

Summarizing, SMS marketing is opening up open doors for brands while different channels are shutting down numerous due to over immersion and spam. 

As an entrepreneur, business owners or marketing specialists, we trust this report causes you to settle on the perfect decision at the perfect time.

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