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Tracksend Year in Review (2022)

We are approaching the end of 2022, as our key stakeholder sharing our journey, reflections and the future outlook is important to us seeing you are valuable to us

See highlights below and more details here

  • New Website
  • 10 mid-market to enterprise customers
  • Simple Conversational commerce for small businesses
  • Integration to Instagram Messenger
  • 5 new features for SMS Automation
  • Introduce SMS with Images and Videos

New Website

We interviewed customers who made inquiries, and the most common feedback was that the website did not communicate our value proposition. They were probably referred or saw our post, but when they arrived at the website, it was different from what they expected, and it did not answer the question of what exactly are you offering.

I was persistent about communicating the Why as well as the What and How of my product. I discovered that your product’s Why is best suited for speaking events, investor building, and brand communication, whereas product materials such as sales decks, product manuals, and websites should focus on the What and Why.

Old Website
New Website

Major Wins

  • Closed corporate partnership with one commercial bank
  • Closed partnership with Google RCS via Dotgo to send Multimedia SMS content
  • Completed integration to Instagram messenger
  • Completed Integration to FastSpring payment gateway for international expansion

Product Releases

SMS Marketing Automation


  • New user experience
  • Save Campaigns
  • Send Rich Media SMS Campaign
  • Segmentation
  • Sales Analytics
  • Simple conversational commerce for small businesses
    Businesses can now handle orders and payments via chatbot when they are unavailable on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook, preventing them from losing sales when they are closed or overwhelmed with orders.

Hint about 2023

  • Expand portfolio to financial services
  • OTP as a service
  • Richer API
  • International expansion to South Africa
  • Make Trackchat an independent product and brand
  • CMO and CRO to join the team
  • And more

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