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Why SMS Marketing Fail to Lead to Growth

So you have been told of the great opportunities SMS brings to your business, how easy it is to create and send campaigns and how much profit you could make sending these personalized messages to your customers. Now you may have tried and it didn’t work for you, perhaps you have been following the wrong approach. Here’s what you could be doing wrong:

  • Spamming Your Customer.

Just because a customer opts-in to receive messages to their phone doesn’t mean you have to send a message every day. You have to create a timely strategy of sending at most twice a week. Most companies make it simple and send at most one message per week to avoid spamming, well this works out just fine.

Customers have complained countless times about not wanting message spam to their phones, well, neither do we. If you are working with our team at TRACKSEND, we won’t let you. 

Direction: You have to create a plan or strategy as mentioned earlier, to align with your marketing calendar and business goals. Also, use a trusted and good platform to set a timely follow-up campaign so to avoid spamming.

  •  No or Bad Call-to-Action

This is an important element to your SMS campaign, without it your failure rate is very high. A well planned CTA is required to get people to do what you want them to do. To achieve this, you need to select a memorable keyword that relates to your brand or campaign, add a compelling offer and make it visible.

  • Lack of a Mobile Website

When an SMS campaign is sent successfully and delivered like for the first time, the customer tends to want to find out about the company and the offer and clicks the link to visit your website from the smartphone. This is impossible without a mobile website or a poorly designed mobile site. Take out time to create a mobile-friendly website and a professional one at that.

  • You Had no Plan

Without planning for anything, how do you succeed? It is key and essential that you do not go in blindly when implementing SMS marketing for your business. You must create a plan before your first campaign messages are sent out. Having no plan is not an option at all when you want to increase revenue and profit.

  • Bad Messages

Before you go into SMS marketing you ought to know what kinds of promoting messages your audience reacts to. On the off chance that you don’t, we suggest that you discover before beginning. Take a look at your past messages and see what changed over best. What were the attributes of that offer? For what reason do you think it worked? Even better, converse with your customers and see what sorts of messages they would discover are significant. In case you’re parting with cash for a discounted purpose, you will fail.

Influence your spending and get projects to offer an extraordinary value that benefits your primary concern.

  • Not Capitalizing On The Immediacy of SMS Messaging

Look at this scenario, If you are going to create and send an SMS campaign for an event on Wednesday morning, the earliest you want to send the message is Monday late afternoon or better still Tuesday afternoon. You probably must have announced this event before now through sending emails and different channels for clients to schedule. Your SMS message will definitely catch the very late decision-makers and fill in as a suggestion to the individuals. On the off chance that you send your SMS too soon, it can be immediately overlooked if not utilized to benefit time management.

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